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Buckingham Old Gaol Museum
Over 15 zones of artifacts, stories and history

Buckingham Old Gaol Museum tells the fascinating story of Buckingham and rural life, including the Flora Thompson Collection (Lark Rise to Candleford author) and Buckinghamshire Military Museum Trust exhibits. A number of the original cells form part of the museum visitor's journey which includes 16 zones:

An old cell at Buckingham Old Gaol

  • The Governor's House
  • Buckingham Now and Then
  • Fossils to Romans
  • Anglo Saxons to Tudors
  • Civil War and Agriculture
  • Victorians,Edwardians and Civic Pride
  • WWI and WWII
  • Webbs Stores
  • Buckingham's early Police
  • Tradesmen's Tools
  • Lace
  • Roads, rails and canals
  • Prison Life
  • Bucks Military History
  • Home of Flora Thompson
  • The Courtyard, former exercise yard, available to hire

    The museum is featured on the national Culture 24 website, the Days Out with the Kids directory, and is a Visit Buckinghamshire Family Friendly Museum.

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    Some items you can see when you visit the museum:

    The Danish Vikings conquered the North of England and attacked southern England many times. King Edward, son of Alfred the Great, came to Buckingham about 915 and built a fort on Castle Hill, where this Viking spear was found.

    The Saxon King Athelstan said that each county town should have a mint and coins were made here for nearly 100 years. But many coins made in Buckingham are now in Danish and Swedish museums. Listen to the coiner now by clicking here.

    This is the full dress uniform of the Royal Bucks Hussars. There are more uniforms, Shakos and Shapkas, horse pistols, and swords to see. Follow the story of the Royal Bucks Yeomanry through the wars, against Napoleon, in the Crimea and in the First World War.

    In the old Exercise Yard, with its modern glass roof, you can enjoy our temporary exhibitions and special events, as well as finding out more about the history of the iconic Old Gaol building.

    More information about the Buckinghamshire Military Museum Trust can be found on their website.

    Entry prices

    Valid from 4 January 2011 until further notice
    Adults 3.50, Children 2.00 children, under fives free
    Special value family ticket - 9.00 (2 adults and up to 3 children)
    Buckingham Heritage Trust members - free
    Join the Old Gaol and receive free entry

    Children welcome!

    In many rooms there are objects that small children can touch and enjoy - a fossil, a Roman pot, a swan, a steam engine, and during school holidays look out for special events aimed at children - see the events page for the latest news.

    Groups welcome

    School visits and groups such as local history or U3A are welcome to visit by appointment, please call 01280 823020 for details.

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