The Buckingham Richard III Half Angel
Help us secure this remarkable local discovery!

Made glorious summer by this son of york

Please help save the Buckingham Half Angel !

In mid September, the coin above was discovered in close proximity to Buckingham.

It is a Gold Half Angel from the reign of Richard III, last of the House of York and the last British Monarch to die in battle.

This is a discovery of immense significance, locally, but also beyond.  The reasons for this are many.

Half Angels of Richard III are incredibly rare.  Only seven recorded examples are known (including this one), three of which are in overseas collections. 

Further, the role of Buckingham, in particular that of the towns 2nd Duke, Henry Stafford,  is of major significance in the Wars of the Roses.  The coin above presents a great opportunity to not only protect a discovery of such rarity but also to help carry the story of Buckingham in this pivotal period of the nations history.

Buckingham Old Gaol Museum Trust are in the process of fundraising to help purchase the coin for the benefit of the community, both locally and beyond.  To achieve our goal we need as much help as possible - Grant funding is achievable, only if community interest is demonstrated through support and pledges.  

You can make a donation at the museum directly, or by downloading a pledge form (opposite) and returning it to the museum in person or by post.

The last example of a Richard III Half Angel was sold at auction in 2018 to an overseas collector and thus is lost to the broader community.

Buckingham Old Gaol Museum Trust promise to make this discovery available to the public, always, and to amplify the role of Buckingham in the tumultuous 1480's strongly.

Please help us by showing your support.

Thank you.

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